The Fulom mission is to provide individuals with failing or damaged skin access to exceptional skin care products with ‘organic certified fulvic acid.’

The development of Fulom products placed prominence on skin absorption, application sensation and skin rejuvenation.

Our physiological aging process is caused by ‘free radical oxidation.’ Regretfully, it is an irreversible process, responsible for wrinkles, thinning, dehydration and rough skin texture. Premature aging is acceleration of skin cell damage caused by exposure to the suns ultra-violet light and unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. stress, smoking, drugs, etc).

Fulom products incorporate Fulvic acid unique chemical characteristics to assist in diffusion with anti-oxidant properties into deeper skin layers. Penetration into these layers makes the skin softer, increases elastic characteristics and lowers free radical damage.

Fulom Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Lotion is a water base compound, allowing liberal application for hydration of skin, without oily residue sheen.

Fulom Face and Body Cleanser provides a gentle cleansing action with hydrating properties.

Fulom products has not been tested on animals.